Wednesday, December 18, 2013



Who wakes in the wilderness when night is done
Fancying himself lord of all the land
May see what was not there at the set of sun
And tremblingly will come to understand
The peril that has passed him in the dark -- the sand.

~Archibald Rutledge

Something I painted as a sponsor print for ConFurgence, coming up in January!
(The original will probably make it's way to FurtherConfusion's art show/auction.)

Monday, September 9, 2013

If So

"If So"

I think I'll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar,
Or even chart a journey to a distant blazing star.
But rest assured that when my journey begs to take its cue,
Always know that when I go, this journey takes you too.

Acrylic on Wood

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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Chase

The Chase

Here's my piece for the 2014 Werewolf Calendar!
The calendar pre-orders are open RIGHT NOW, and the first 150 orders will receive 3 free stickers!

Here's the caption I was assigned to illustrate:
Werewolves are adept trackers, being able to catalog and recognize a wide range of animal tracks. During times when game is lean, werewolf packs often become nomadic, straying from their established territories to track game, often following spoors for days between sightings. Being powerful athletes, werewolves will chase prey for hours without tiring, pack-mates taking turns chasing larger pray animals such as caribou until they wear down their target's stamina. Werewolves often will then drive their exhausted prey into their hidden, waiting pack-mates or away from their herd, allowing them to be cornered. 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Heroes and Villains

(Click for a larger image)

Here's a piece I've been working on over the last few months! It's the wrap around cover for the 2014 Texas Furry Fiesta conbook, where the theme is Heroes and Villains! (I'll be there as GoH next year, and I'm excited!)

There are 20 pairs of heroes and villains!
In no particular order:
Chell/GLaDOS, Sherlock/Moriarty, Jedi/Sith, Blu/Red, Buffy/Vampire, Indiana Jones/Mola Ram, Rick Grimes/Zombie, Ghostbuster/Stay Puff Marshmallow, Mario/Bowser, Stark/Lannister, Ash/Jessie, Roadrunner/Coyote, Dr. Venture/Monarch, Peter Pan/Cpt. Hook, Riker/Borg, Cpt. Hammer/Dr. Horrible, Thor/Loki, Harry Potter/Voldemort, Sarah Connor/Terminator, Starfox/Wolf O'Donnell, Dr. Who/Dalek, Frodo/Gollum, Wolverine/Sabertooth

Acrylic/Watercolor, 12x18"(ish), & many hours

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Four Cons, Four Weeks

Yeesh, it's been a crazy month. Four conventions, three of which are the largest ones we'll be doing this year, all in a four week span. It's been exhausting, to say the least!

* AnthroCon was especially great this year. We had a lot to celebrate that particular weekend, and being there over the 4th of July and the fireworks was just the icing on the cake.
* ComicCon International was giant, incredible, and overwhelming, as always. Juanjo Guarnido (illustrator of Blacksad) had some rad compliments for Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, so that alone made my whole convention. :]

This weekend, I'll actually be in two places at once. One half is in Baltimore for a gigantic tiny-horse convention (table 201 if you want to swing by to say hi and check out pony-related-paraphernalia!)

The other half will be closer to the home front, at Denver's Rocky Mountain Fur Con! Stop on by the dealer's den if you're keen to check out prints ranging from $5 and up, Scratches CDs, limited edition signed/numbered prints, a couple originals, Nordguard patches, and so on!
Sofawolf Press will also be at RMFC, with copies of Nordguard, the Nordguard Card Game, Dog's Days of Summer, and a whole lot more of their catalog!

(And hey, if you haven't checked it out--go on and look at our Room Party KickStarter! We're getting close to the FurCon Expansion stretch goal!)

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Secret, Seven Year Project

I'm really excited that within the week, I will be able to announce a project we've had in the works, off and on, for seven years. It started life as a drunk joke to poke fun at ourselves and, good-naturedly, at the geek cultures we identified with.

It's been "pseudo secret," something we've shared with friends at conventions over the years as it grew and developed. It became a little infamous, even.

Now, with the help of a couple amazing people, it's taken on a new life, and is ready for the world.

So, stay tuned. Trust me, it's pretty awesome. >:D

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ready, Set... AnthroCon!

Tomorrow, I join the fast and furrious migration to AnthroCon 2013!

During the day, you can find me in the Dealer’s Room, at table E05, across from the Sofawolf Isle in the middle of the room! Here’s a map!

I will have the usual fair, prints of all shapes and sizes, including large 16x12 signed and numbered prints of Winter’s Shadow and Dragonborn! Also, I’ll have originals for sale at the table, including some ready-to-wear badges, little animal paintings, sketches, and then some Scratches CDs. This year, I will also have a few things I’ve never had before, but I’ll keep ‘em a surprise for the moment, so you’ll have to come by the table sometime to see ‘em!
Hint: if you like Dog’s Days of Summer and having something to put your beverage in, you might want to come by early since I don’t have many!

(3x3" wooden squares I painted, which will be for sale at my table!)

Secondly! Check out Sofawolf Press and pick up a copy of Heat Vol. 10, too! I have a 12 page adult comic in this anthology!

Sofawolf Press will also have Dog’s Days of Summer, Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, the Nordguard Card Game, and of course, Kyell Gold’s Out of Position books! (Actually, for the very first time, Kyell Gold will be at AnthroCon, so you can get your books signed seven ways ‘til Sunday in person!)

(Some of the stuff for the artshow,  matted/framed and shrink-wrapped!)

Lots of paintings for sale in the artshow, too, of course: Cleansing, Winter’s Shadow, Divisions, a few of the Divisions interior originals, Yo Ho Ho, Scrumptious, Initiated, Saw-Whet, Limbo—and the very last, 5/5 of the large limited edition prints of Puppy Love. Also, I will have a handful of stuff in the adult show!

I’ve been looking forward to the convention a lot, since it’s the beginning to a very fun (albeit busy) summer! This one’s going to be a good one! Fireworks, baby!

Monday, April 29, 2013



"I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy." ~W.C. Fields

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Winter's Shadow

"Winter's Shadow"

I painted this piece to be used as promotional artwork for the 2014 Werewolf Calendar! There will be more info on next year's calendar this summer.

This image will be one of a couple free promo-stickers, which will be available at various conventions throughout the year! You can pick them up from contributing artists' tables. :]

I worked on this piece over LiveStream a few days ago. If you're interested in catching a stream, the best place to keep an eye out is @screwbald on Twitter!

Acyrlic on Wood

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Thursday, March 21, 2013



What of the hunting, hunter bold?
Brother, the watch was long and cold.
What of the quarry ye went to kill?
Brother, he crops in the jungle still.
~Rudyard Kipling

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kurt Badge

I honestly don't recall the specifics of the conversation which lead to this, since I am fairly certain there was copious amounts of alcohol involved--but back at FurPlanet's party at Texas Furry Fiesta in 2012, I struck up a conversation with a non-furry fellow about how there were very few great ape/chimp "fursonas" out there. This surprised him, and promptly inspired him "become one."

So, Teiran of FurPlanet and I conspired, and I finished him a chimp badge earlier this year, in time for Texas Furry Fiesta 2013.

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun working on this badge, since I really like chimps, and never have an excuse to draw them!

3x4" Watercolor

Thursday, March 7, 2013



“And some day there will be nothing left of everything that has twisted my life and grieved it and filled me so often with such anguish. Some day, with the last exhaustion, peace will come and the motherly earth will gather me back home. It won't be the end of things, only a way of being born again, a bathing and a slumbering where the old and the withered sink down, where the young and new begin to breathe. Then, with other thoughts, I will walk along streets like these, and listen to streams, and overhear what the sky says in the evening, over and over and over.”
~Hermann Hesse

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Thursday, January 31, 2013



Acrylic on Wood

Meet the: Soldier | Pyro | Spy
Team Fortress © Valve

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Yo Ho Ho

"Yo Ho Ho"

"Here's to the wives and the sweethearts! May they never meet!"

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Divisions - Awkward Hug

Here's another one of the ten interior illustrations I did for Kyell Gold's newest book, Divisions, which is the third book in the Out of Position series!

It features a new team member who is... well. Colorful. For both the fur-dye and other reasons. ;]

Also! Today is the last day for pre-orders of Divisions! Order now and you can get it signed by Kyell!

More information on pre-orders, etc, right here!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Divisions - Detail

I've had a couple people request a detail of the Divisions cover, so here you go!

The top image is just a close up of the crowd, and the bottom is a photo with a penny to show scale. Actual painting is around 9x12" on Arches 140lbs hot press watercolor paper.

(And to jump the gun and answer the inevitable question--yes, I use a very small paint brush for the crowd details, size 5/0, the same ones I use for detailing fur, etc.)

You can check out the full image right here!

Also, don't forget, pre-orders for Kyell Gold's book Divisions are going on now, and if you order yours before Jan. 9th, you can get it signed by him! Here's the information on that!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Divisions - Family Thanksgiving

This is one of the ten interior illustrations I created for Kyell Gold's book, Divisions, which is the third book in the Out of Position series. The book continues the story of Dev the tiger, and Lee the fox, picking up right where Isolation Play left off.

More information on the books can be found on Kyell's website.

You can read the second chapter from Divisions over on Kyell's page, right here!

Also, you can pre-order your copy of Divisions today from Sofawolf Press in both hard cover copy, or soft cover. If you pre-order before Jan. 9th, your copy will be signed by Kyell Gold!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Carols for Canines

"Carols for Canines"

2012 Holiday card design I painted for two good friends back in December.
This makes the sixth year we've had the pleasure of creating the artwork for their card!

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