Thursday, March 15, 2012

FWA and Atlanta Bound!

This afternoon I will be boarding a plane bound for Furry Weekend Atlanta!

During the day, you'll be able to find me at my table in the dealer's room!

I will have Nordguard patches and stickers, prints of all shapes, sizes and prices, Scratches CDs, plus a few original sketches for sale at the table. (I will also have a some sketches and marker pieces that are curiously badge-sized, which have found themselves tucked into sleeves, ready to wear!)

They're each 3x4", done in marker, pencil, ink and a little bit of paint.

There will be copies of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice for sale, and Dog's Days of Summer!

I don't have anything in the FWA art show this year. However, the tiger I painted, "Persevere," will be in the charity auction! All proceeds from it's sale will benefit the animals at CCI!

A photo of the painting!

In other news, this Friday at FWA is the debut of Kyell Gold's newest novel, Green Fairy! (Here's an excerpt!)
Not to mention, it will also be the first print appearance of Rukis and AlectorFencer's graphic novel Red Lantern! Since both Rukis and Kyell will be in attendance as Guests of Honor, they would be really happy to sign everything, I am sure. ;]

(And don't fret--if you won't be at FWA, you can order Green Fairy, Red Lantern, Across Thin Ice and a ton of more stuff from Sofawolf Press' website! Fill all of your bookshelves with talking animals!)

Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Drust on the Run

"Drust on the Run"

This is one of five illustrations I did earlier this year for the upcoming issue of HEAT Vol. 9!

Well--technically four are brand new images for the issue. It all started a couple of years ago when friend and author Tempo321 asked permission to write a story around the Pict wolf I illustrated a few years ago, titled "The Prisoner." I told him "Sure!" and he came back with a story about the cocky wolf Drust, who runs afoul, of--well, you'll have to read the story in HEAT this summer to find out!

HEAT is intended for mature readers. The story, "The Prisoner," is written by Tempo321, male/female in orientation, and has a total of five illustration by me, printed in grey scale. Boobs abound!

Check it out this summer in HEAT Vol. 9 from Sofawolf Press, making it's debut at AnthroCon and later available online!