Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Lick You

 "I Lick You."

I felt like taking a break from serious art-stuff, so this happened. An unrelated sequel to the picture I like you, I suppose!



Some African Wild Hunting Dogs I started painting months ago... They had been sitting around near-complete for a long time. A few days ago, I finally found a little spare time to finish 'em.

Acrylic, 13x15ish on wood.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning/Art for Sale!

I have a few paintings sitting around in storage boxes, not doing too much besides taking up space. I suspect it’s time to let them go in the name of Spring Cleaning!

“FA United” – Woah, blast from the past. This piece is from 2007, and was the cover for FurAffinity’s very first convention. The page is 18x12” (the actual painted image is 17x11 on the page.) It’s painted in watercolour and acrylic on Arches 140lbs hot press watercolour paper, signed and stamped on the back. You can see some photos of the original on the auction!
Fun facts: Jack from Dog’s Days of Summer is hidden in the crowd, it features over 40 characters, and is an Ursa Major winner from 2007!

Check out the auction for “FA United” on eBay, here!

“Lemmikki Paws” – This is a piece I painted last year. It’s acrylic on wood, 13x9” in size, and signed on the back. Check out the photos of the original on the auction, below! (If you need more cute husky art in your life, this is the piece for you!)

Check out the auction for “Lemikki Paws” on eBay, here!

Thanks for looking, and thanks again for bidding if you wish to! :]