Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Commissions; Charity Ladder Auction

People ask every now and then about commissions, or prices, and I figured I'd make a quick note about it!

I don't actually do commissions! The reason for this is largely due to a lack of spare time. My days are spent mainly on comics, artwork for various projects or publications, or just illustrations I feel like painting for myself or close friends. I haven't openly taken commissions in over four years, aside from the occasional sketch commission at smaller conventions.

Not that I mind folks asking at all! I figured a blanket statement might spare some people a little time when looking for an artist. :]

However, on that note, I am offering a single character sketch as part of a charity ladder auction to benefit a local shelter, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue!

Click Here for the Auction!
100% of proceeds benefit the charity!
Auction ends on Sept. 30th!

My sketch offer is just a drop in the pond compared to all the wonderful and awesome stuff in the auction. Here's just a few of the listings: Fursuit partial from Jillcostumes, a full color piece from Tani DaReal, badges from various artists like Mary Mouse, Henrieke, and Idess, surprise pottery by Dingbat... really, this is just a couple of the things the winner receives!

Check out the auction for the full listing, and more information on the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soldier and Pyroo

For the one and only Pyroo, and my favorite Soldier!

Team Fortress © Valve

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/8 Comic Art Fest, Co. Springs!

This Saturday, you'll find us, and other local/regional comic artists, down in Colorado Springs at Escape Velocity's Comic Art Fest!

Besides just stuff to buy, there's free demos from the attending artists, Q&A, benefit raffles for Comic Book Classroom, and free giveaways!

The event runs from 1pm-5 , September 8th, located at:
19 East Bijou St.
Colorado Springs 80903

Here's some more information!

If you're local, come check it out, at least to say hi! :]