Sunday, August 28, 2011

Werewolf Calendar - Salmon Run

Here is my finished image for the 2012 Werewolf Calendar!
The calendar itself goes on sale Sept. 1st, and is full of really awesome art from a bunch of people! You can find out more information on!

The caption I was assigned to illustrate was:
Depending on the geographic region in which a werewolf or werewolf pack may reside, fishing may play an important role in the hunting and social life of the solitary wolf or family unit. In the pacific Northwest the annual salmon run provides the wild werewolf with an abundance of fresh food and easy meals. The wealth of fish is shared with other species including the grizzly and brown bear whom also visit the streams of migrating fish. Due to the sudden overabundance of food, competition is temporarily suspended among species whom are typically competing predatory rivals. Sightings of both werewolf families and other wild predators sharing a stream peacefully in close proximity of one another have been documented. Fish is also often dried by family groups and saved as a reserve for bitter winter months when food is scarce.

(And here's the sketch for the image!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


"Redwing" 7.5x15-ish, acrylic on wood

Back from an unexpected sojourn, bearing good tidings and birds (and tennis ball with a dog wrapped around it.) For the most part, all I had with me was beer, paint and some scraps of wood, so I made do!

"Northern Saw-Whet Owl"
8x11 acrylic on wood

10x11.5, acrylic on wood