Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Commissions; Charity Ladder Auction

People ask every now and then about commissions, or prices, and I figured I'd make a quick note about it!

I don't actually do commissions! The reason for this is largely due to a lack of spare time. My days are spent mainly on comics, artwork for various projects or publications, or just illustrations I feel like painting for myself or close friends. I haven't openly taken commissions in over four years, aside from the occasional sketch commission at smaller conventions.

Not that I mind folks asking at all! I figured a blanket statement might spare some people a little time when looking for an artist. :]

However, on that note, I am offering a single character sketch as part of a charity ladder auction to benefit a local shelter, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue!

Click Here for the Auction!
100% of proceeds benefit the charity!
Auction ends on Sept. 30th!

My sketch offer is just a drop in the pond compared to all the wonderful and awesome stuff in the auction. Here's just a few of the listings: Fursuit partial from Jillcostumes, a full color piece from Tani DaReal, badges from various artists like Mary Mouse, Henrieke, and Idess, surprise pottery by Dingbat... really, this is just a couple of the things the winner receives!

Check out the auction for the full listing, and more information on the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue!