Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Last Weeks; The Upcoming Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones, split between working on an assortment of projects, personal time and social calls. The most notable of things I’ve been working on has been the interior illustrations and cover artwork for Kyell Gold’s upcoming novel, the third book in the Out of Position series. Kyell has not yet make the official announcement just yet, releasing the title of the new book, but that will be soon when I’ve finished up the cover!

Keep an eye out next week (either here, or @screwbald on Twitter,) since I’ll probably LiveStream painting one of the interior illustrations, and Kyell will jump on the chat to answer questions about the book, writing, or life in general!

In the upcoming weeks, I will actually be at Midwest Furfest! I wasn’t planning on it until fairly recently, but you’ll still find me in the dealer’s den, most likely camping a corner of the Sofawolf Press tables!

The reason for the schedule change is a rather unfortunate one. While I will be at MWFF in November, I cannot travel to MidFur this December as planned due to circumstances entirely out of my control. Don’t worry though! The convention has the ever-awesome and wonderful Dark Natasha stepping up to take my place! And in 2013 you will find me there, hell or high water!

Oh, and just a note for you Australians: If you are going to MidFur, and you’d like to get any books from the Sofawolf Press catalog—which includes Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, Dog’s Days of Summer, HEAT Vol. 1-9, or many of Kyell Gold’s titles, check this out! You can pre-order books/comics for pick up at the convention, and save a substantial amount on shipping!
(By the way, Kyell Gold will also be at MiDFur, so you can get your books signed! Just sayin’…!)

Between other art-things, Scratches Vol. 6 has been coming along, slow but steady. My aim is to have it out for MFF, but some things you can’t rush.

Also, I apologize if anyone has emailed or noted in the last couple weeks and I haven’t responded. I fell behind on email and contact with the outside world, and it’s been a slow recovery to normal!

Speaking of which, time to finish the rest of these OOP3 illustrations…!