Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back, & Prints/Stuff for Sale!

I have returned, spiritually refreshed by my distant sojourn, and relaxed from a few lazy days of vacation and recuperation from said vacation! The last few weeks, I’ve sprawled on beaches, hiked mountains, played with molten lava, driven down rivers, and enjoyed a lot of world-class fish-viewing (and eating). I will add, however, the return to 20 degree temperatures and snow on the ground was jarring and unpleasant. ;]

In my absence, it seems like all the trees now have lights, holiday music has begun its infiltration of radio stations, and the gift-hunting frenzy is on the rise.

So! A couple things, if you’re at a loss!

The Werewolf Calendar for 2013 makes a great gift for anyone, packed with art, and it also won’t be available for much longer! Check out all of the awesome artwork here, or click here to order today!

Sofawolf Press is having a huge holiday sale through December 21st!
Included, of course, is Nordguard: Across Thin Ice (in both hard and soft covers,) Out of Position and Isolation Play by Kyell Gold (if you’ve been waiting to read, now’s a good time to start, since the third book, Divisions, will be coming out early 2013!)
There’s also Lynn Hogan’s dark fantasy, full color graphic novel, Prydwen, all six volumes of Ursula Vernon’s recently Hugo Winning series Digger, and novels by Michael H. Payne, and M.C.A. Hogarth!

Lastly, my own stuff!
I have some matted prints left over from various conventions, so I figure it’s a good time to try and make room for new stuff next year!
Check ‘em out here! They are first come, first serve, and very limited quantities (pretty much one of each.) I’ll cut off sales Tuesday the 18th, just to be sure I can get anything that sells in the post before the holidays. All the rest of the information you’ll need, you can find right here!

I also have Nordguard Patches on hand again! They are $6 per, shipping is $2/$3 USA/Overseas. More info over here!

Now... back to art with me!

Cheers, and stay warm!