Saturday, May 21, 2011

Across Thin Ice, Hardcover Pre-Orders Today! | | Nordguard on Blogspot || @nordguard on Twitter
So, in case you missed it, that comic I've been working on for the last two years has finally been wrapped up, off to the publishers, and subsequently, off to the printers (and I am happy)!
The whole Official Announcement can be found over this a-way, but here's the cliff-notes:

-Across Thin Ice, first of the three Nordguard books, is finished. Hurray! :]

-The book will be available in both hardcover and softcover editions. Both will have all 75 full color pages of the comic, and the softcover is 9x11.5" in size. The hardcover is a bit larger, and also has a snazzy map in the front unique to that edition.

-The softcover copies are $19.95, and the hardcovers are $39

-It will initially be released at AnthroCon, June 23rd 2011, and softcover editions will be available online from the Sofawolf Press website starting July 1st 2011.

-Afterward it's for sale online July 1st, the softcover will be available in person at most major comic and fandom conventions Sofawolf Press either distributes to or attends, such as Comic Con in San Diego and EuroFurence in Germany. (The hardcover may or may not be available, depending on if they have sold out of the copies. If the demand warrants it for the hardcovers, Sofawolf will consider running a second edition printing of the hardcover. There will be plenty of softcovers to go around, however.)

-This and all further Nordguard books will be rated for young adults and older due to some violence and language and dead bodies. I'm not sure when the next one will hit the shelves, but I plan to start working on it again at the end of the summer. The good news there is that some of it is already finished! ;]

-Pre-orders for the signed Hardcover Edition have started TODAY! Click here!

The pre-orders will run until either next Saturday, or all the copies have been sold. You can either have your copy mailed to you (which will go out July 1st) or pick it up at AnthroCon with a valid ID.

Yesterday, Sofawolf Press made a short announcement about the pre-orders, with more information on how to get them, including their international shipping information!

I had said it in the official announcement, but I'd like to say it again--thank you to everyone for your patience and interest in the comic, for the moral support, buying Nordguard patches, checking out the LiveStreams, and for all the kind comments and encouragements!

And now, I am off to enjoy this new thing called "spare time," as well as spring, which has finally come after a very long winter! ;]